Buying House plays a significant role in the ever evolving world of fashion. Today it is one of the most prominent business field in the RMG (Ready Made Garments) sector of Bangladesh, with Bangladesh being the second largest textile and apparel items exporter in the world. 

This buying agent’s business comes from their dedication towards their compliance factories and buyers feedback. They are aiming at giving great effort in bringing out the progress of the RMG (Ready Made Garments) sector in Bangladesh.

What responsibility does the buying house play

Buying houses are operated by local experts who have extensive knowledge about local culture, cultural barriers, working procedure, language, current trend, compliance issues and real hidden local factory information.

The buyers who want to save the cost of monitoring the production and save time for sourcing the correct manufacturer that can ensure quality, price and compliance issues, hire buying houses to run their operation.

What responsibility does the buying house play? (contd.)

Additionally interpersonal relationship between the buying house and the manufacturers is another vital issue of problem solving in the manufacturing process as the buyer hires a local buying house. The buying house also provides accessories sourcing, fabric sourcing, and ‘time and action plan’ setting.

Similarly, a buying house analyzes enough factory information to ensure that it is not fraud or a problematic company. After being assured, they place an order to the concerned  factory. So manufacturers would always be in safe hands if they work with a buying house.

Looking for a garment exporter that can fulfill all the above requirements and more? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. We have been in business for years and have enough experience to guide you step by step through all the exporting procedures.Our constant and sincere effort always  ensures high-class quality and in-time shipment. Efficient flows and cost-consciousness at every stage are crucial to our success. These factors ensure that the right goods end up in the right quantity for each buyer – and at the best price

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